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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Outback Question of the Week

This is a targeted question and the target knows who he or she is.

Which sitting US Governor was just indicted for corruption by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald?

For bonus points, of what kind of corruption has this Governor been accused?

For bonus points, what is a "Fitzmas"?

But, speaking of targets, I was thinking, driving home from work, that this week is a target rich environment, only to find that Professor Glenn Reynolds used the same phrase to describe the situation. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Regards -- Cliff


Anonymous said...

Fitzmas is a cobined word... Patrick Fitgerald and Christmas that has something to do with the CIA investigation of Valerie Plame (sp?).
The governor of Illinois in question is Blagajevich and he's accused of 'selling' Senator Obama's seat. What do I win

C R Krieger said...

If you are the target of the question you win praise for your knowledge. Otherwise I am figuring you are my wife, with whom I don't like to play Trivial Pursuit with our children, since she can't stand to see them not win. On the other hand, if you are a third party, you win a pack of playing cards. Contact me to collect your award.

Regards -- Cliff