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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I thought the below quoted anonymous comment on a blog post comment with regard to an article in Small Wars Journal made some good points in a few words:
The fundamental issue is that our forces invariably see themselves as the 'battlespace owners,' not the Afghans. Not only should we follow Coeus' suggestion to reinforce legitimacy by funneling resources through local leaders, we must confer legitimacy on all elements of Afghan authority, including Afghan Army and Police leaders and forces as the 'battlespace owners.' They will win the current, evolving war, as Michael Yon described it, not us, because it is theirs to win, not ours.
The original article, by Dr Ronald Holt, is at this location.

Regards  —  Cliff


ncrossland said...

And because it is their war to win, not ours, it follows that it is also their war to fight, not ours. We continually invite ourselves into other sovereign nations to "right wrongs" and "make them safe for democracy" but in fact, we merely subject ourselves to one more quaqmire because it is their country to run, not ours, their choices to make, not ours, their sacrifices, not ours. If a sovereign nation determines within that it desires a "democracy" then it will achieve it on its own as a matter of national choice and priority.

The problem for the US is that it has failed to recognize that other societies and nation-states do not embrace the same objectives and philosophies as we embrace. Put simply, not everyone desires "freedom" or "democracy." One man's tyranny is anothers blessing and stability.

The New Englander said...


But in the case of ousting the Taliban back in 2001, it seems we had a moral cause for going in that was far greater than just "democracy-building" or "nation-building."

Now, the reality is that we're there. I 100% agree with you that's it their war and their fight to determine their nation's future, but I also think we should be making the full-fledged nation-building commitment needed so we don't either a) abandon allies, or b) let the country devolve back into chaos.

Here's to a healthy Civil Affairs presence there and in other developing nations where we can partner with local forces while they provide the muscle..