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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Was She Really Thinking?

Here is a different spin on Sarah Palin and her resignation.

I don't know the author, Greg Beado, and I don't have a subscription to Reason Magazine, but I do have a hat tip for Samizdata.


Here is a post over at End of Nihilism with a view on former Governor Sarah Palin.  Not everyone is down on Governor Palin.

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Renee said...
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Renee said...

Above post seems off topic, until I finished it... just can't now.

But it has to do how I transformed into the pro-life platform, and despite vocal critics who may even be personally pro-life, I step up along with Palin or any other pro-lifer, such as Pro-life Democrats.

ncrossland said...

I LIKE Sarah Palin, if only because she is a breath of VERY fresh air, a far excursion from the norm, and would actually bring change you can believe in.

BTW, the norm is what we have now and look what it's gotten us. Cutie Katie and the rest of her talking head associates can crow all they want about politikspeak and political omniscience, but I'd much prefer someone who tells the unrehearsed, unplanned truth as they see it at the moment. Sometimes it is not only good, but a mark of exceptional intelligence to say "I don't know" or to NOT give the PC response.

I think Sarah Palin will make a good POTUS if she chooses to go with it. For those of you who think that is heretical, I have one question, "How have the last few choices been working out?"

Renee said...

If Palin wasn't pro-life, she would just be another politician even with son Trig, and grandson Tripp. I think that is what makes her so polarizing, that she stands up on this issue even when legal precedence is up against it. For many it may seem contradictory for a woman to achieve power and be pro-life.

If she gave up the pro-life platform, even as a republican, she could of made to President. I don't think our country is ready to transition to the pro-life platform. As much I like her, I realize we can't force it upon others rather I wish they would accept her.