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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spinning the Acorn

Law Professor Ann Althouse fisks the NYT over the Acorn and Van Jones stories here.

She wanders a little and then pulls it all together in the end.

It appears that the Republicans, being in disarray, have taken to reading the Democratic Party playbook.

I am not sure if this is good news for the Republicans or if it is bad news for the Republic.

Regards  —  Cliff

PS:  There is a Jon Steward clip on the Acorn story, which Law Professor Glenn Reynolds has over at Instapundit


Craig H said...

I'm completely at a loss to understand the reference to Democrats on this one. Perhaps I'm dense, but I can think of few Democrat examples to compare to things like right wing's (I won't even blame this on the R party, though you know it's close enough for horseshoes) obsession with personal politics--it's Karl Rove's literal calling card, and his legacy to his party.

ncrossland said...

What we have here (with the ACORN revelations) is not the outcome of a vast right wing conspiracy.....or some activity invoked by Dubya or Karl Rove. It is the reprehensible activities of a reprehensible organization.

But "hey" a great defense is always a strong offense...or is it an offensive offense? When you are standing naked in the middle of the street, it is always effective to point to the unzipped zipper of your opponents....Pelosi, Dingy Harry, Bawney Fwank, and the rest of the Dems are experts at doing it.....and for those with any doubt, look at the underlying politics that got us to a fiscal meltdown. Yeah, I know, I was Bush. It's always about obsession with personal politics.....the current Congressional majority has mastered that art.

BTW.....for my part...and I am neither a donkey or an elephant......politics IS personal....VERY.