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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yesterday I blogged on problems with retail sales organizations.

I was down on the support I got, looking for sox.  (I ended up purchasing on line.)

Then Wednesday night my wife and I headed out for class and as usual, I stopped by the gas station on the river by South Campus.  I normally purchase a Caffeine Free Diet Coke and a Sprite Zero, plus two small packages of peanuts.

I went to the checkout stand and there was Steven, who I recognized from last semester's shopping and a new guy, Nuhu.

I asked Steven if business has picked up since classes started and he said yes.  Then he proceeded to tell Nuhu that I was going to night school to get a degree with a major, since my BS has no major.

He nailed it!

Three months of not seeing me over the summer and he remembered me and could talk about me to his fellow clerk.  One sharp young man.  I hope there are many more like him out there.  Good going, Steven.  I will be bringing my custom to you all semester.

Regards  —  Cliff

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