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Monday, September 28, 2009

How Long Should One Wait?

That is basically the question Law Professor Ann Althouse asks herself regarding criticism of The New York Times and their long count on the ACORN situation.

Granted, the video taping of meetings with low level ACORN staff members is amateurish, but at least they were on it.  Here is Professor Althouse about the NYT:
And what's with "Some stories, lacking facts, never catch fire." Isn't the Times in the business of looking for facts? A great newspaper should be setting the "fires" — breaking stories — not covering stories that other people have broken, which is what the Times was left doing with ACORN.
The interesting thing is that ACORN has sued the amateur photo-journalists.  As someone noted, that opens ACORN to discovery.

At any rate, a great blog post by Professor Althouse.

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