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Monday, September 28, 2009

City Council Endorsements

Move Lowell Forward, the non-partisan PAC looking at local races in Lowell (Mass) has provided its slate of endorsed candidates for City Council.

  • Kevin Broderick
  • William Martin
  • James Milinazzo
  • Franky Descoteaux
  • David Koch
  • Joseph Mendonça
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Ben Opara
  • Raymond Weicker
I think it is a good solid list. Not necessarily the list I would have picked, back when the paper was blank, but one that was built on non-partisan consensus.

The key for the voters of Lowell is to go out and vote.  Normally, about 12,000 registered voters show up for a local election.  Given past history, if 5,000 more voters go to the polls and vote with their nine votes for City Council, it could make a big different in the City Council—or not.

In the end the voters are the arbiters.

Regards  —  Cliff


Dan Murphy said...

Patrick Murphy’s answers to the Move Lowell Forward questionnaire can be found here:

Franky Descoteaux said...

I am pleased to have been endorsed by Move Lowell Forward. It is an honor to be running alongside such a qualified field of candidates. Lowell has the opportunity to be well served. My responses can be downloaded here:

Thank you for your interest.

Kevin said...

Here is a link to Ryan Berard's answers to the Move Lowell forward questionnaire. Despite not being one of the endorsed candidate, he still feels it is important for people to be able to read his answers to these pressing questions.

Ryan's Move Lowell Forward Questionnaire

Jack Mitchell said...

Plenty o' leg room over on this blog.

Might hang out here for a week. ;v)

The New Englander said...

Here is the comment I posted this morning to LiL:

I just read the post, and all 60 comments so far, and I’m left scratching my head..In regards to Kim’s comment (#55) and each of Jack Mitchell’s comments, I’m wondering why more people don’t see it like this.

It looks like MLF endorsed nine candidates. Doesn’t sound like anything dictatorial or imposing. I don’t stop reading a newspaper just because they endorse a candidate I don’t like…instead I exercise my democratic power and VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE!! This is no different..

Personally, my List of Nine looks a little different from theirs. This list doesn’t stop me from voting for Ryan Berard or Paul Belley, for instance…why should it?

My advice for anyone who doesn’t like this list — why don’t you post a comment or write a letter to the Sun stating the nine that you’re voting for, or even why you disagree with one of the nine who was named.

In other words, make your own endorsement list and then vote that way in November.