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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Call for the "Wise Men"?

Law Professor Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit points us to this Mickey Kaus offering on Slate.

Mr Kaus, after arguing that the Obama Administration managed to upset almost all groups with the Health Insurance Reform proposals, suggests the situation in Washington is serious and asks:
What do presidents do when they should fire themselves?  They fire their advisers and bring in a new crew.  That's what may happen here.  I'd guess we're about 36 hours away from a Beltway call for "wise men." ... If it wasn't for his role in the Massachusetts Senate debate, I'd say we're a week away from David Gergen's touchdown at Reagan National...
Mr Kaus posted at 2222 (10:22 PM ROTC Time), so 36 hours hence would be about 1022 Monday (morning).  Seems like a reasonable time to execute such a move.

The Sunday Morning shows will tell the tale, but I will not be around to watch them.  I will be locked away in a small room, at an undisclosed location, helping to count the collection.  However, this Sunday I would like to be watching the talking heads and their victims.  (Those of you who do watch the Sunday morning talk shows are invited to freely post your thoughts, within the limits of decorum.)

And, if we do get the "Wise Men" to show up, I hope that it results in some reasonable approach to fixing our health care problems.  Even Senator Elect Scott Brown tells us there are things that need to be fixed with regard to health care.

Regards  —  Cliff

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ncrossland said...

Need/arrival of wise men; I believe that the answer to the question posed is defined by the Obamamachine's assessment about what is currently "serious." Frankly, I think that the "serious situation" in DC continues to be how to push through all or most of Obamacare, cap and trade, immigration reform, and government control of American financial institutions and processes. The only perceived threat seen or acknowledged is that which derails or destroys Obama's "legacy."

Why do I take this position? Well, first, I don't believe Obama's almost indefinable narcissism won't allow him to even consider the motivation for opposition in any other terms than personal. Thus, attacks on his legislative juggernaut are defined in the language of "I" and "my."

Moreover, he is unable to define the political attacks in terms of party conflicts as for Obama, he is the Democratic Party. It is sort of like referring to the Queen as The Monarchy or The Throne.

He would not be Obama if he didn't consider himself invincible, and thus, the only means by which he can be overcome is to remove him in total.

One clue to the validity of my premise is the sudden move to "centralize command and control" of the democrat party under the West Wing of the White House.