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Friday, January 22, 2010

The US House of Representatives in Action

Here is next week's schedule for the US House of Representatives, as seen by the Republican Whip, Representative Eric Cantor, of the Commonwealth of Virginia—CLICK HERE.
  • Monday is a day off
  • Tuesday kicks off at 1230, but truth be told, voting doesn't start until 1830
  • Wednesday is a long day, starting at 1000, with a small break in the late afternoon, before reconvening to receive an address by the President of the United States at about 2035.
  • Thursday has nothing scheduled, but there is the possibility of motions to go to Conference on Thursday and Friday.
  • Friday seems to also be a day off.
I sure hope they are doing a lot of committee work in the interstices.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

From DKos
MA-05: Is a scorching case of Scott Brown fever breaking out among Massachusetts Republicans? Fresh on the heels of the big Senate upset on Tuesday, GOP Attorney John Golnik headed south to DC, in order to have conversations with the NRCC about challenging Niki Tsongas in the Lowell-based 5th district. Despite going heavily for Obama in 2008, this district qualifies as one of the more conservative in the state, and Tsongas herself had a bit of a scare in winning this seat in a 2007 special election, where she defeated Republican Jim Ogonowski by just six points (51-45).,-1-22-10

Renee said...

Massachusetts will be losing a seat in the next year or two, due to demographic changes across the country. Can we assume there will be no 'Lowell seat'?

Renee said...

You know what also, I don't like candidates that 'run down to DC'. It didn't work for Coakley. If you can't get the smaller local donations from in-state supporters, then ultimately a representative will be answering to the lobbyists and not his/her constituents. I realize it takes money to win an election with TV/Radio ads, but movement was local on Brown's part in the beginning. He didn't spend much on his primary, I believe.

There are things that are a turn off in general, like out-of-state volunteers or phone banks. There's a difference when a neighbor calls you compared to someone who live 400 miles away.

ncrossland said...

Perhaps, inadvertently, the House has stumbled on optimized government nothing.

One wonders why, after decades and decades of Congressional action to somehow improve life in America, we are annually confronted with a variation on the theme that if we don't take immediate action on (you fill in the blank), horrible things will happen. But wait, isn't the focus of the "needed" action some aspect of government, commerce, etc., that was immplemented by Congress itself. Thus, we are continually engaged in fixing what we have fixed.

Perhaps, if we decline the overwhelming urge to fix something, it won't be broken.



C R Krieger said...

Who the heck is Jon Golnik?   Maybe this is Jon Golnik.  Lawyer Golnik, from Carlisle, has been around for a while, having thrown his hat into the ring some time ago.

But, is Kos ignoring the first to enter the ring, candidate Sam Meas?  Is this just a case of oversight or is it an actual slight against Sam?  Maybe it is the fact that Sam is a graduate of Virginia Tech?  Or the fact that Sam is one of those financial guys, working for State Street Bank?

I am with Renee on this—running down to Washington is not the way to run for the Fifth.

I am also with Renee in concern that if we loose a seat in the 2010 Census the 5th will be the one squeezed out.  I am not saying the Democratic Party establishment is sexist.  It just may be that Niki is the new guy on the block and thus the one to be sacrificed.  On the other hand, one of the older Reps could just retire.  Barney is older than Niki—heck, he is older than I am.  So is Bill Delahunt.  Then there is John Olver, who is almost as old as Senator Richard Byrd (well, he is in his 70s).  But, first Ms Tsongas must get past Sam Meas, with his inspiring story of struggle and victory.  Forget Jon Golnik.

Regards  —  Cliff

Jack Mitchell said...

I don't think DKos was ignoring Meas, as much as they were tuning in to MA-5 post-Brown.

I'm looking forward to the GOP primary. It will be a hoot, in MA, to watch the candidates pose for the T vote.