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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gun Control

A few days ago I sent off to a friend of mine, and a reader of this blog, a YOU TUBE clip of a Swiss Citizen talking about his Father's rifle, his rifle and his son's rifle—all Swiss males being required to take military training and to maintain their rifle in their home, so they are ready to go upon call-up.  This friend then sent back this EMail:
Well, I agree with the Swiss.  My wife surprised me with a nice little 9 mm Glock model 26 for Christmas.  This morning before church service began, I was talking with a couple we are close friends with and I told them about my Christmas gift, and the wife said, "Oh, I have one" and then three little old ladies in the pew in front turned and almost in unison agreed that they too each have one.  I am afraid that Obama is going to have a very tough time getting rid of guns......when the little old ladies are packing.
I grant you he lives in New Hampshire, but my wife has asked me about getting a gun for the house.  This is my wife who hasn't had a gun in her hand since early 1966, when she loaded her late husbands STAR 9 mm automatic because she heard what she thought was people on the roof (one story ranch style house, in Tampa, Florida).  We were dating so she called me to come out and check the roof and unload the gun.  We haven't had a gun in the house since we moved here, over 15 years ago.

I guess it is a sign of the times.  Maybe for her birthday—we begin the required training.

Regards  —  Cliff


ncrossland said...

Be sure that along with the acquisition of the firearm, you also purchase a secure gun safe. I have one that is large enough for my two pistols plus four clips of rounds (two for each weapon) and access is gained only by presenting a registered fingerprint.

In many ways, possession of a personal weapon is the ultimate statement of freedom, but it is also the ultimate demand for responsibility for one's actions.

This point was driven home last night while watching an hour or two of Hollywood's version of life being lived. The protagonist points an automatic weapon at another one of the good guys, who in one lightening fast, superhuman move snatches the weapon away while saying, "If you are going to point a gun at someone, you better shoot it to kill them." Well....I thought....why else would you point a weapon at someone? And taking someone's life is a pretty profound that I would prefer be exercised only under "him or me" conditions......not that life always presents things so black and white.

BTW, my AF Basic Training Instructor would launch into near psychotic shreiking when one of us would slip and refer to our weapon as a gun.

Craig H said...

I have always admired the Swiss as a model, and long considered them the closest in kindred ideal to our own second amendment, which specifies the importance of the "well regulated" [i.e. well trained in the parlance of its day] militia [i.e. community defense] in its guarantee to us citizens the right to protect ourselves from our own government. (Self and home defense being but other important concerns AFTER the defense of our individual political liberty).

There is good reason the Swiss remained uninvaded throughout the late 30's and into the 40's. The marksmanship of their armed forces has always been second to none, not least reason for which being their investment in superior personal weaponry, but also their insistence upon drilling the entire (then male, but now more widely) population in such use.

We here in the US miss the point when we concentrate on guaranteeing private handgun ownership, when we should be rediscovering our roots as a well-defended society.

Unknown said...

Sadly, it is easier for me as a Virginian to get a carry permit for MA than it is for you, a subject. Indeed, you even need a license just to own one. Seems a lot like requiring a license to speak.

+1 on the safe. -1 on the biometric. In my experience they don't work so well.