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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Globe Messes Up

I know that The Boston Globe is a "Progressive" newspaper, in the pocket of the local Democratic Party power brokers, but I at least expect them to get the comics straight.

This evening I sat down to read the comics in The Lowell Sun.  I noticed that there was a "Pooch Cafe" cartoon that looked to be on an older theme, from reading the cartoon this AM in The Globe.  Then I noticed that the "Arlo and Janis" cartoon was not what I had seen in the morning paper.  I then looked at "Dilbert" and it too was different.  My first thought was that The Sun had run the wrong comics.  After all, they play pretty fast and loose with "Big Nate" on Sundays, picking a cartoon from the previous week to show.  What is with that?

For thinking these terrible thoughts about the local "paper of record", I profoundly apologize to Mr Campanini.

When I checked those cartoons in The Sun which had dates, they all said 1/5, which I took to be 5 January.  So, I went back to the "G Section" of The Globe, and sure enough, they published tomorrow's cartoons today.  If they can't be trusted to keep the cartoons straight, how can we trust them to endorse political candidates?  The next thing you know they will be calling for the election of Scott Brown to replace the TSW.  Wait, that might be a good thing.


Adding insult to injury, I opened up today's edition of The Boston Globe—today being Wednesday, the 6th of January 2010—and there were the same comics as yesterday, but otherwise the "G Section" seems to be a different product.  I guess the comics from 5 January are forever lost to Globe readers.  And, the folding machine again folded the paper so that the last part of the last frame of the left page comics are on the other side of the fold, hidden from view.  On the other hand, The Globe did report some good and timely news with a headline telling us that Charlie Baker is raising a lot of money.


I just got around to looking at the A section of The Boston Globe this evening, and on page A-2, we find this item:
Editor’s Note: Because of an editing error and the need to print the "g" section in advance some days, the comics pages, puzzle solutions, and astrological forecast that appeared in yesterday’s "g" section were incorrect.  They were meant for today’s edition, where they appear again.  The solutions to yesterday’s puzzles can be found today on Page B4.  Yesterday’s comics pages can be viewed today at
The good news for the MSM is that there is the Internet to allow them to somehow make up for their mistake, at least partially.  Woe to those Globe subscribers who don't have the Internet available.

Regards  —  Cliff

  An expression attributable to Kad Barma.
  Mr Charles D Baker is seeking the Republican nomination to run for Governor later this year.  There was no mention in the article of his opponent, Christie Mihos.  Maybe Mr Mihos is busy switching parties again.


The New Englander said...

Okay, now you guys both have me confused with the attribution.

"Paper of record" or "newspaper of record" is commonly used in any city where there's only one paper or where one dominates (i.e. San Francisco before the Examiner finally went under). I'm sure not all would agree, but a lot of people refer to the NY Times as the national "paper of record." France says this about Le Monde.

In reference to the Sun being our local paper of record, Kad Barma attributes the term to Mr. Mill City and now you attribute to Kad Barma.

I stand confused.

But I heard that Lynne Lupien once referred to a four-wheeled motorized vehicle as a "car."

Craig H said...

Yes, "Paper of Record" is a longstanding designation for any publication that is authorized by a government entity to carry associated legal notices, so it's not a term that anyone can claim was invented here.

However, and to be clear, the way the Mr. Mill City guys consistenty refer to the Sun by this term has been one of my favorite recurring amusements amidst their other copious top-notch stuff, so I try to be consistently clear that I'm nodding to them every time I do the same. (Yes, The New Englander has that part right).

So, as much as I'm pleased that the Right Side of Lowell has also found amusement in my use of the term and wanted to give me some props, I definitely want to continue to give those props to the Mr. Mill City boys for the consistent inspiration and example.

As for the comics, I read Dilbert and I read Arlo and Janis, which just about makes everything the same to me. The rest of the dreck isn't worth worrying about.

C R Krieger said...

But I actually read The Mind Tivo.

I will say that that particular blogger does have a lot of names out there to choose from—Kad Barma, Choosing a Soundtrack, Mind Tivo.  In my mind I have attributed attributes to each of them.

Regards  —  Cliff