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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Lowell Blog

As Dick Howe noted yesterday, we have a new blog in town, this one by Gerry Nutter, with the name Gerry Nutter's Lowell.

I really like the photo in the masthead.

In the first post, Mr Nutter tells us a little bit about himself and in the second he tells us why he has switched from planning to run against State Rep Tom Golden to running for the Greater Lowell Tech and/or City of Lowell School Committee in 2011.  Much as I want to see change on Beacon Hill, each of us has to make these decisions based upon our own conditions.  And, it takes time and money.  City Life Host George Anthes told me that if I found him $2 million he would run against Representative Niki Tsongas.  If I had $2 million I would run against Representative Niki Tsongas, and we used to be neighbors.

Welcome to the "furball".

Regards  —  Cliff

  As in the close in maneuvering of a bunch of fighter planes, all going for the kill.

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