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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gerry Nutter, Libertarian

Or so it would seem.  He has a post here questioning the wisdom of Attorney General Martha Coakley in ordering "Garden Clubs" to file records with the Commonwealth, up to four years back.

Here is the Brian McGory column that kicked the whole thing off for Mr Nutter.

I am with local blogger Gerry Nutter:
When you read the entire article it looks like not only is it a giant waste of time and resources by the AG’s Office but another example of creating laws for the sake of creating laws and infringing once again on personal freedom.
Should there not be some limits to the Nanny State safeguarding us?  Do we have a long list of Garden Clubs that have acted viciously, in the interests of their leadership, in planting flowers.  Not just one or two, but a consistent history of abusive Garden Clubs across the state.

Maybe this helps to explain why Ms Coakly lost last month.  I know that it feels consistent with my concerns about her understanding of personal liberty and the freedom of the people.

Good Work Gerry Nutter (and Mr Brian McGory).

Regards  —  Cliff


Mimi said...


On this one, I do not agree with your and Gerry. What the AG is doing is enforce the law; that's her job.

If we do not like the laws, let's change them but blaming Martha is not the answer.


C R Krieger said...


I am thinking that this is an issue of the Attorney General using her discretion.  Garden Clubs do not seem to be a hotbed of criminality here in the Commonwealth.

And, a $50 fee to register with the Attorney General?

I will grant you that the Great and General Court should take action to make this nuisance go away.

In the mean time this just adds to the view of our Attorney General as a prig.

Regards  —  Cliff