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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is a Major Disappointment

From The Daily Mail a couple of days ago (I am just catching up):
The internationally celebrated historian and TV presenter Niall Ferguson has broken up with his wife of 16 years after a string of adulterous affairs.

The 45-year-old Harvard professor has left former newspaper editor Susan Douglas, with whom he has three children, for his mistress, the Somalian-born feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
When I say major disappointment, I am talking about Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ms Hirsi Ali had written the script for the movie Submission, which was directed by Mr Theo Van Gogh, who was assassinated on an Amsterdam street in 2004 by an outraged movie critic. After being shot eight times, his throat was cut and then he was stabbed in the chest, with a death threat against Ms Hirsi Ali pinned to his chest.  Unsurprisingly, this drove Ms Hirsi Ali into seclusion and traveling with armed protection. The assassin, Mr Mohammed Bouyeri received a life sentence.  He was not repentant at his trial, telling Mr Van Gogh's mother that he did not feel her pain and he would do it again.

Regards  —  Cliff

  I will say this is probably a bad break for the Tories.
  Including Jews and politicians.

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The New Englander said...

But strictly for clarification purposes -- this isn't an excuse to slack on assigned Ferguson reading, eh?