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Monday, February 8, 2010

Rep Nangle and the Lawrence Bailout

As I noted earlier, I did send an EMail to our State Rep, David Nangle, and he responded today.
First, I would like to express my concern with the Mayor of Lawrence, who I believe is wrong for holding two executive positions at once, he is working two jobs that require his attention 24/7.

Secondly, I feel that prior to the state allowing the City of Lawrence to deficit borrow we must have a state–appointed fiscal overseer in place.  I also want to make sure that updates are being made to the Secretary of Administration and Finance on a monthly basis and not wait until January 31, 2011.
I would say that, at least with regard to the second point, the Representative and I are in complete agreement.

Regarding the first point, I do agree that the Mayor of Lawrence does not need to be distracted by being in the Great and General Court, and should resign.  While our mayor here in Lowell has outside employment, we are not in the same situation as Lawrence, which has a Plan B form of government.  And, per Mass General Law, Chapter 43, Lawrence doesn't need a City Manager.  From that perspective I am in agreement with Mr Nangle.

However, there are so many State Reps and State Senators with outside interests (and Mr Nangle is NOT one of them) that I am not shocked by the idea of one of them being the mayor of some town or city.

Thank you Mr Nangle.

Regards  —  Cliff

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