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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Taxes Go

Here is a chart of where our taxes go.

My experience is that the web page is a little squirrelly, but the data is in there in a graphic format.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

Cute but full of fallacy. The view presented is the typical slanted view popularized by the liberal media that wishes to portray Defense as the Great Satan of the National budget. Because the author chooses to restrict the visual by reducing the amount of space available for data, he culls out data that doesn't make his point and labels it as meaningless or too hard to portray. Items like Welfare that account for about $456B in the current fiscal year, or about 2/3 of the Defense budget. Also missing are the various costs associated with the looming debt imposed by Obamacare and other emergent social programs pushed by this Administration. Social security and Medicare are exempted because the author maintains that payments under those programs are too numerous to quantify graphically. Well, how about a total annual cost figure? Would THAT be too hard to quantify? Apparently so, and why bother with those numbers, they are inconsequential to the REAL message the graphic attempts to convey.