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Friday, November 4, 2011

Asking For ID Racist?

Meanwhile, out in Madison officials have discovered a new area that divides the minority from the majority—drivers licenses.

Law Professor Ann Althouse blogs about Madison Officials upset by bars asking for drivers licenses as a form of ID.  The fact that there is a correlation (Kad, please note I am saying causation) between asking for IDs and a decrease in violence seems not to be of interest to City Officials.  The observant reader will note to himself that the Police, in fact, do not have a duty to protect.  You truly are your own first responder.

Here is the original newspaper article.

The first comment At the Althouseblog was:
Next thing you know folks will be required to produce a birth certificate to get a drink; that is, until President Obama decides to have another beer summit, only this time in Madison.
For those humor challenged, this was humor.

Frankly, returning to the question of IDs, if the bar owners have found a discriminator, in the good sense of the word, is this a bad thing?  Is bar violence just the price of doing business and the bar owners should just put up with it?  To what degree should bar owners be allowed to tailor their clientele?  To what degree is this like lunch counters?  To what degree does a "thug culture" create a hostile environment for other customers?

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