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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guy Fawkes Day

From this blog post over at the Althouse blog we see that Guy Fawkes Day is being made a mockery of by an OWS branch in London.

Maybe we can say that those who don't know history will likely pervert it.

From the Althouse blog we have this quote from a history professor:
"Gradually over the centuries, the meaning of Guy Fawkes has dramatically changed...  The reputation of Guy Fawkes has been recuperated.  Before he was originally seen as a terrorist trying to destroy England. Now he's seen more as a freedom fighter, a fighter for individual liberty against an oppressive regime.  The political meaning of that figure has transformed."
So, is Guy Fawkes a terrorist or a freedom fighter?  Does this action mean that OWS supports acts of terrorism, at least in retrospect?  If they do, how far back to be safe?  John Brown?  John Wilkes Booth?  The Chicago Haymarket Bombing of 1886?  The assassination of Huey P Long?  The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party attack on the US House of Representatives in 1954?

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