Thursday, November 17, 2011

State Committee Chair Race (R)

Over at The Boston Pheonix is an article on the race to replace Ms Jennifer Nassour, Esq, as Republican State Committee Chair.

It is a not particularly balanced piece, although I agree with a good deal of this analysis:
But many rank-and-file party members — and several Tea Party groups and conservative organizations — don't buy that. Plus, they aren't particularly thrilled with Brown, who they feel has abandoned the Tea Partiers who elected him. They are even less keen on Romney.

The skeptics also think that recent history has proven their point. When the state party was led by Romney-installed Darrell Crate — business partner of then–lieutenant governor Kerry Healey's husband — Republicans lost ground in the legislature, and failed to win a single statewide or congressional race.

Things only got worse in the following two years, under former congressman Peter Torkildsen, another establishment figure.

And, although Nassour straddled the two worlds better than her predecessors, the party devoted its attention and resources to Charlie Baker, and the Bay State completely missed out on the national November 2010 Tea Party–fueled Republican gains.
The place the article misses the mark is in trying to leave the impression that in November of next year Republicans will stay home, allowing Ms Elizabeth Warren a cakewalk, or, for that matter, President Obama.

There is no doubt that we are divided between the "Grass Roots Republicans" and the "Downtown Republicans", my wife's terms.

The other place this article misses the mark is in not at least acknowledging Mr Kamal Jain and his pursuit of the office.  Kamal, whom I know and work with on the LRCC and like, is a true "Grass Roots" Candidate.  Kamal, who has previously run for State Auditor, is a native born citizen of our Commonwealth and a resident of Lowell.

I judge the article to be blatant support for the Democratic Party Candidate for US Senate.

Regards  &mash;  Cliff

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