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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kim Dozier at West Point

Not that any of you are going to make it, but News Reporter Kim Dozier is going to talk at West Point as part of her launch of her book, Breathing the Fire, in Paperback and EBook editions.  In her own words:
AP reporter Kim Dozier is launching the paperback and e-book of Breathing the Fire this week, about recovering from a car bomb in Iraq five years ago, with her profits going to wounded warrior charities.

She worked to bring out the paperback after requests from wounded warriors, their families, and hospital caregivers for more copies, after the hardback sold out.
The book is fairly gritty and unvarnished about the hospital and recovery process, so hospital staff recommend that loved ones read it to understand what a patient is going through.  Military commanders say the blow-by-blow of the bombing also starts conversations between troops and loved ones about what they’ve seen overseas.
She also want to send a message to Americans who haven’t been in a war zone that troops—and anyone who has served in a war zone—are most often stronger because of that trial by fire.  That’s a message that’s sometimes muddied by the media’s well-meaning attempts to raise awareness of troops left harmed by war, that obscures the fact that most come home with “post traumatic growth”—the wisdom and experience that comes from surviving war, and its losses, and injuries.
Kim herself has returned to Afghanistan and Pakistan with The Associated Press, breaking major stories on the CIA and U.S. special operations forces.
Kim writes, “Please order a copy at, and walk in their boots for a while, like I did.  It’s a rough journey, but it’s a privilege.

And yes, this weekend, thank a veteran, but even better, please hire a veteran. These are the people you want on your team!”
Here is the contact information.

Kimberly Dozier | Intelligence Writer |
AP DC 1100 13th St. NW | Wash, D.C. 20005 | o: +1 202 641 9590
Alt. email:

Regards   —  Cliff

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John L McDonough said...

Hi Cliff, this book will help so many understand what is in their future. If I had Kim Dozier's ear I would suggest she create a youtube to help potential buyers know what her book offers!