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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bill Maher vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Over at the Althouse Blog we have a discussion of Bill Maher vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View".

Ms Hasselbeck has the right side of this one, it seems to me.

And, Ms Laura Logan had a terrifying experience, which is no joking matter.

Regards    Cliff


Brian Locke said...

It seems to me that you didn't follow the story at all. The joke wasn't about rapoeno matter how hard Elisabeth tried to play that pathetic card. Now you know. >insert rainbow<

Brian Locke said...

rape no*

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher makes his living out of being pseudointellectual and the purveyor of tasteless commentary. Elizabeth Hasselbeck simply called him on it and when he tried to be cutely dismissive, she held him up. Her looney tune liberal cohosts tried valiantly to "save" Maher from himself, unsuccessfully.

He has long ago forgotten, "It is nice to be important, but more more important to be nice." But then, that is the banner characteristic of today's destruction media.

Brian Locke said...

If you call that being nice? She was ass hurt because she was the butt of a joke. She then went on to try and change the meaning of the joke by using a fact that was not known until after the fact. She then had the gall to claim she was standing up for women when she clearly wasn't. That's not nice, it's sad. It makes me wonder if you actually even watched the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee Brian, you wonder if I even watched the show because my conclusion about what actually happened differs from yours? Oh...and you obviously didn't read my first response because the target of my "being nice" comment was Maher, NOT Hasselbeck. Maher's use of a senseless brutal rape as a setting for making a "joke" about sending Egypt Hasselbeck in exchange is at the very least cheap and insensitive. He quite frankly didn't need to say anything...but then.....he can't resist. You are obviously a big fan of Maher and his liberal lady friends on The View who invited him on to flog his liberal book.

Nothing more to discuss here.

Brian Locke said...

I apologize if I misread your post. He never made a joke about rape so the rest of your point is mute.