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Friday, December 30, 2011

Kevin Dowd Speaks For … Some

For Christmas the wonderful Maureen Dowd gives her column over to her Brother, Kevin.  This year Kevin, a Republican, took the Republicans to task.  Kevin is apparently a BLUF kind of guy:
It’s time for some sense and sensibility.  With a field of nine candidates, the Republican product is too diluted.  That’s the reason the polls have been so fluid.  There are only two candidates with a chance to win the nomination:  Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.  The rest are sincere, nice people who “can’t light the candle,” as someone said of John Connally in 1980.  You are excused.  There’s only one who can beat Barack Obama.  Romney was a governor and a businessman, and we will need that kind of expertise to pull us out of the president’s famous ditch.  Newt is too volatile and has too much baggage.
And, he is right, if you accept that we just have to steer the car out of the ditch.  If you think we are good and well stuck then you will be calling for a wrecker to pull us out.

Is that a dark horse I see on the horizon?  It is 90 days to the Day of LBJ's Decision.  Ninety days is a lifetime in politics, and the half-life of a political memory.

UPDATE:  I wonder if Kevin Dowd is related to Kevin, the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is a solid reason why Romney is stuck at the 25% level. He can't light the candle either. In fact, there is nobody in the field that gives anybody in the Republican great unwashed a tingly feeling down their legs.

Perhaps in our growing need for pristine perfection in our political candidates (too bad it doesn't wash over into those elected), anyone with any spot on their record, no matter how insignificant, becomes fodder for the hyperhistrionics delivered by the sensationalist addicted media. Once a candidate has been thoroughly dismembered in the quest for truth and purity, he or she fades into relative obscurity, never to be heard from, seriously, again. That McCain was nominated reflects only a sad desperation to put up someone....almost the last moment because the GOP spent months hand wringing.

You have to hand it to Obama, Soros and the DNC, they simply ensured that nobody knew anything about Obama...except what very little sanitized information was released by a well greased media machine.

I am not hopeful it will happen, but I posit that someone like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, or perhaps even Sarah Palin could jump into this at the 11th hour and run away with the field...further and final proof of the absolute mediocrity of the current roster of candidates.

BTW....I am not claiming that any of the late comers could beat Obama in November. I doubt that anyone will be able to accomplish that feat. The DNC and the Obama machine have already bought and paid for the necessary votes to win. If the American electorate had any sort of clue about the corruption being committed now and in the next 11 months....there would be an open revolution erupt. The only principle advanced by the Obama administration....the Prime First achieve absolute rule, then become absolute ruler. We're almost there..........