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Monday, December 24, 2012

Auto vs Traffic Light

For John, BLUFCar downs traffic light at bottom of Fairmount Street.

The City, in its infinite wisdom, activated a traffic light for southbound traffic where Fairmount, Laurel and Boylston come together in front of the Gold Star Chinese Restaurant and the 38 Store, on the property of the Oakland Fire Station.

When it went up it was a flashing green light facing the people coming down Fairmount.  That signaled nothing.  It meant nothing.

Then the City synched it to the lights at the intersection of Rogers and Boylston, just dozens of feet away.

It appears that over the weekend an irate (or confused) driver took action against this superfluous traffic light.  What remains of the traffic light and its pole can be seen in this photo, which is looking westward.  The firehouse to the right.  The pole is below the brake lights of the car in the middle ground.

Here is a closeup of the traffic light pole down on the ground:

And there you have it, another news story from Lowell.

Regards  —  Cliff

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