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Monday, December 10, 2012

That Right Wing Media

For John, BLUFThere are people who actually belief the Main Stream Media is Fox News and thus Right Wing Oriented.  The alternative explanation is that ABC, CBS and NBC are right wing oriented.

RFK, Jr, on Huffington Post, says the "Right Wing" dominates the media.

The Hot Air "Exit Question":

If conservative talk radio dominates the Republican mind, how’d we end up with McCain and Romney as the last two GOP nominees?
I will agree that Mr Kennedy might be on to something if you agree the House of Representatives counts for something and its Republican majority means that the People of these Uniteds States are sending a message to Washington by electing that Republican majority—aside from the message that they don't like DWS.  However, that would mean that the meme that "Elections have consequences" applies to the House of Representatives as well.

Regards  —  Cliff


Neal said...

One comment. YGBSM!!!!!!

Whoever came up with that is on serious pharmaceuticals. Drunken Diane and the rest of the All Barack Channel....and Noble Barack Caller...and Currying Barack's Support??? Hello????

Jack Mitchell said...

As each House district is approximately the same amount of people, it is noteworthy that the GOP has the majority of the House. Control of the Senate means less, as population is irrelevant.

However, "the People" do not elect the House. "The People" DO elect the POTUS.

John Boehner was elected with 239,000+ votes. Barack Obama convinced 65,464,068 American that his vision for America was to their liking.

I'm wondering, if we took every vote cast for a GOP US Rep, what that would end up at?

I've heard that in the House the Dem candidates got slightly more votes the the GOPers. Each at about 53 Million.

So, not only did "the People" like Obama over all the GOP House combined by about 12 Million votes, they may have lost the popular vote to Pelosi's crew.

Anyway's, the right wing echo chamber is hurting your brand. Wake up.

Renee said...

GOP marketing has to change, the majority of younger voters (under 35) do not get their news from news outlets, even online they don't. They are news-less. Hence the use of Hollywood surrogates for Obama was so effective. Jay-Z worth 450 million himself was talking pure nonsense on Kiss 108 for Obama, during the last weeks of election. Just like they want to buy purchase his new line of whatever, they wanted to be like Jay-Z and vote for Obama. Same thing with the female voters, they don't admire Hilary Clinton or even Sandra Fluke, but Eva Longoria sure...

Younger people see the President as another celebrity... Gangman-style!

Sure there were key demographics they swooned they message to, but how a message is presented is true marketing. Politicians are no longer campaigning, they're marketing themselves as something as 'a want'. People don't vote as a civic duty, it becomes do equivalent of what brand of chips you buys will determine who you will vote for.

Jack Mitchell said...

My grandparents hung a picture of JFK next to the Pope.

Marketing, you say? Maybe you just want to hear the sound of your parental lecturing voice?

And, yes. GOPers suck at marketing. They got the "cult of personality" thing down. They need good product, though.

Renee said...

We have artists depicting Obama as being 'crucified', remind me of what is cult of personality.

I'm hearing it very well... don't worship politicians or entertainers.

Neal said...

For Renee, now Obama has been referred to as "Our lord and savior." Your admonition about worshiping politicians is too late.

All the talk here and elsewhere about how the Republicans are in trouble philosophically and practically is a bit far fetched. A majority of the states are run by Republican governors and the same applies to many of the state if all politics is local, I'd say the brand is doing okay. They aren't creating a landslide, but I would be concerned if they did...or the Dems did. In spite of the heart felt wishes of all liberals, if everyone signed up for their program, there would be nothing and nobody to keep things in balance and perspective. Opposition is a very good thing, especially in politics and economics.

As Cliff has intoned from time to time, there are some really good ideas in each camp...and some really horrible ones too. Instead of choosing up sides and refusing to cross the lines, there needs to be some common ground. Currently however, both sides are digging in and demanding that the other "give." Obama is just as guilty as Boehner when it comes to playing king of the mountain.

I would hardly call 52% of the vote a mandate for anything. That anyone believes it to be so just shows how ridiculously entrenched we have children playing games.

I would even go so far as to say that today's political partisanship is the new racism in America.