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Friday, January 4, 2013

Blog Administrivia

For John, BLUFHousecleaning on the blog home page.

I have done a bit of blog housecleaning, adding Jack Neary's revived blog and demoting three to "z" status for inactivity.  Those include Mr Mill City, Lowellest Common Denominator and Low[ell] Down.  I gave Jackie Doherty some more time, thinking she will return to the blogosphere, especially if she decides to run for City Council, or something, although I know she is enjoying her new job.

I hope the new year sees an increase in the number of bloggers here in Lowell.  There is a rumor out there that The [Lowell] Sun may host a meeting of bloggers to see if there are areas of common interest.  That would be a good thing, especially if they buy the pizza.

Hat tip to Richard Howe dot Com regarding the revived Jack Neary blog.

Regards  —  Cliff

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