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Monday, January 21, 2013

Neighborhood Meeting

For John, BLUFEast Pawtucketville on the march.

Here is a notice for an upcoming (two weeks hence) meeting of the East Pawtucketville Neighborhood Group.

The DTG is Monday, 2 February, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

The venue is McAvinnue Elementary School, 131 Mammoth Rd., Lowell, MA (Enter at the side door on Fourth Ave.)

Topics include:

  • Nancy Pitkin, Trustee of the Lowell Public Library, will be joining us to talk about all the new, great services (online and traditional) that the library makes available for children, youth, and adults.  You would be surprised at all the library can do for you!
  • Hearing from University, Lowell Police, and City Officials with updates on issues of interest to our neighborhood.  Come and share your experiences or raise questions about the issues of concern to you.
  • Plans for the new year:  How can East Pawtucketville grow this year?
Here is an EMail Address:  EastPawtucketville "AT"

At the risk of being wrong, I think that folks in all parts of Lowell could benefit from attending local neighborhood meetings.  We can learn by seeing how others are doing thing.

Regards  &mbash;  Cliff

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