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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drought in CENTAM

For John, BLUFThis immigration thing is not going away, in that the immigrants are driven by drought and violence.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Surely someone in Government saw this coming.  Someone in CIA?  Someone in Department of States?  Maybe someone in the Department of Agriculture or Treasury?

This is a short blurb with some statistics, but what it points to, inevitably, is the fact that, as often happens with drought, mass migration follows.

This Reuters report is from The International Herald Tribune.  The dateline is Friday, 29 August, and the headline is "Central America Hit by Severe Drought".

A severe drought has ravaged crops in Central America, and as many as 2.8 million people are struggling to feed themselves, the United Nations World Food Program said Friday.  The drought, which is also affecting South America, has been particularly hard on southern Guatemala, northernHonduras and western El Salvador.  Guatemala declared a state of emergency after 256,000 families lost their crops.
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  As old as the Bible.  Isn't that how Jacob and his sons ended up in Egypt? (Genesis 42)
  I would think 256,000 families works out to more than a million people.

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Raising Sunshine said...

Within the State Department there are staff, assigned to each embassy, which assess a county's agriculture viability, commerce capabilities and other economic/business monetary statistics for the country. With these data I am surprised that the State Department has been quiet on the building catastrophe. Perhaps the violence in the Middle East supersedes the draught in their eyes, but I believe the latter will eclipse the former, in terms of lives and misery in the years to come.

The first has been instigated by man while the Central/South American draught appears to be an Act of God. In the end the scientists will attribute the Central American draught to man, the reckless logging industry of the forests in South America. As the world has seen with the accumulation of trees in Israel, trees can assist in bringing rain to an area, particularly when located on mountains and hills by contributing enough moisture, through the green leaves carbon dioxide to oxygen interchange, into the rising air as to enable condensation or rain. I am not a member of an environmental group, but I do believe the environment mismanagement can adversely effect mankind.

The above is just one such example. We have yet to hear of the pollution in the Far East Oceans having extreme negative impacts on the peoples inhabiting the coastlines who are dependent upon the fish in the polluted waters for their survival. We may see famine spread throughout these regions faster then the Ebola virus spread out from Africa.

Thus we have the appearance of three horsemen: war through ISIS; plague with Ebola; and now famine. Not being a Christian I do not believe in these or other facets of the Book of Revelation at the end of the Christian Bible as God inspired. Though I do believe in God, The One Creator of All, who is a good divine male being; He remains always in spiritual form and is a divine force most humans choose not to acknowledge.

All of these three phenomenon are the causes due to human error which happen to have a simultaneous appearance in the news. Our knowledge of these horsemen is only enhanced through the rapid information dissemination via the internet. Here is a small piece of advice--plagues, famine and war have been around since before Christ's appearance and they will continue to occur until mankind's collective psychological behavioral interface changes significantly. Google history. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat--it should read, those who do not read history hoisting in the previous men/women's errors and find a remedy, are doomed to repeat it.