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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scotland the Brave

For John, BLUFNext month will be interesting, elections here and across the pond.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I don't know how the vote will come out on Thursday, 18 September on Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom or separating itself back to its former independent self.

But, we do have partisan views here in Lowell.

And, of course, we have Scotland the Brave

No, I think it would be a bad move.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Scotland and England have been united since 1 May 1707, 52 years after Chelmsford, MA, was incorporated.
  After a mandatory Advert.

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Cindy Krieger said...

I wonder how much of the Scotland independence movement is fueled by the oil reserves or mineral rights that become "fair game" to the highest bidder after the are withdrawn by popular referendum from the Queen's authority. The Scotland Future document is "a perfect storm" of a constitution in my opinion and I have to ask myself what is at the center of this storm that remains unrevealed? Why now?

If Scotland's people choose to allow the monetary aspects of their country to remain with England then they face misery ahead I fear due to possible taxation without representation. If the referendum is supported and any changes are approved the Scottish people may not realize the chaos they are bringing into their otherwise regimented lives. I cannot believe that the situation is so dire there now that such drastic measures are needed. I am inclined once again to raise the oil rights spectra and who will assume control of these huge sums of money. Who will be responsible enough to insure the environment is not ruined in the drilling and mining processes? It shall be interesting to watch, but I believe Scotland is best off as it stands today.