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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Republican Gubernatorial Primary Debate

For John, BLUFNo knock out punches thrown.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Here are my rough notes on the great debate between Mr Charlie Baker and Mr Mark Fisher, held at the MCC Conference Center (Old Federal Building in Lowell).

Education, no mention of Admin burden.   Mark Fisher talks Votec.   Charlie Baker agrees.   Jobs available in Massachusetts, but without skilled workers.   Votec AA Degree.

Charlie Baker—Not about how much you spend but how you spend it.

Mark Fisher—Mandatory reporting of Fraud, Waste and Abuse, and Whistle Blower Status.

Charlie Baker—Need full transparency re medical pricing.

Neither supports in state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Market Basket:   Charlie Baker—Gov's wife had a conflict of interest.   12-20% below market.   Gov encourages resolution.   Mark Fisher—Gov'r too involved.   Private enterprise.   Market isn't going away.

Charlie Baker—Gov should encourage resolution.   Get a professional arbitrator.

Mark Fisher—If anything, lighten up "gun laws".   Impact law abiding gun owners.   Not criminal gun owners.

Charlie Baker—I would have signed the law, re national gun owners.   Illegal gun trafficking bad.

Smart gun technology?   Mark Fisher—Opposed.   Solving minor problems, not the real problems.

Working poor.   Charlie Baker—Grow economy.  Focus on creating jobs.   Clean up regulatory mess.   Mark Fisher—Worked for four companies that left the state.   Taxes and regulations.   Eliminate inventory taxes, to encourage distribution centers in Mass.

Common Core:   Mark Fisher—Against.   Charlie Baker—Against

Gas Pipe Line:   Charlie Baker—Support.   Mark Fisher—gas good, but property rights also.

CC:   Mark Fisher—Graduated CC.   Good jobs out there for AA Degrees.   Charlie Baker—Follow North Eastern example.

Crime and Mental Health:   Charlie Baker—Need more beds.   Work with law enforcement and get clinical health benefits for incarcerated.   Mark Fisher—Stop sending on illegals, use money to

Mark Fisher—I talk to this … Rosie's Place homeless women ask me about illegals and dead with EBT Cards.   Charlie Baker—State needs to be a better partner for local communities (cities and towns).

Mark Fisher Summary—Gov is a leadership position.   You have to show up.   Mass a mess, Charlie Baker's comment notwithstanding.

Charlie Baker Summary—we have an opportunity problem in Mass.   The rich are OK, but Government needs to be there for the rest.   Can you execute?

My thanks to Jim Campanini for making this happen.  Lowell is the only City or Town to host a debate between the two GOP candidates.

Please remember to go to the polls on 9 September and vote in the Primary.

Regards  —  Cliff

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