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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sun Columnist

For John, BLUFMr Goldman's column today is worthless.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Is Michael Goldman ("Random Summer musings" in The [Lowell] Sun) an idiot, a worthless party hack or someone with a big sense of humor?

Mr Goldman leads off his "musings" with

The GOP leadership in the United States House of Representatives is claiming they don't want to impeach Obama, only sue him.

Oh, is that why 66 percent of self-identified Republicans in a recent poll say they favor impeachment, because they only want to sue him?

Speaking for my fellow Democrats nationwide, I say: "Bring it on!" ...

Is Mr Goldman not clear on the difference between the US Representatives in office and the public at large?  Does he believe that because the public at large would like to see the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act repealed that it should be?  Of course he doesn't.  Would he scream to high heaven if the People elected enough Republicans to repeal the PP&ACA?  Of course he would.

In the area of impeachment he is conflating two different things and trying to make them look alike.  Why would the Republican House Leadership move to Impeach President Obama?  There is no reason.  None.  Nota.  Do Republicans, like Democrats, use the term to raise money?  Of course they do.

CONCLUSION:  Mr Goldman is using his column in the Sunday edition of The [Lowell] Sun to raise money for Democrats.  If the Publisher and Editor think it is OK, then it is OK.

His next item is the US Senate study on the US use of torture after 9/11.  It appears to me that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D/CA) has done a good job with this effort.  The CIA, as an institution, has been fighting this and has even gotten into spying on the US Congress.  Mr Goldman treats this issue as a chance to Blame Bush, one more time.  He misses the point that the coverup ongoing may be worse than the crime.  While former CIA Director George Tenet gets noted, current CIA Director John Brennan, who LIED TO US back in March about his organization spying on the US Senate, gets no mention.

CONCLUSION:  Mr Goldman is not informing us.  He is covering for President Obama, who is not going to fire Director John Brennan, or at least as of Friday said he would not.

Before he moved to the second topic I thought Mr Goldman was a man with a big sense of humor.  Once he moved on to the CIA I became convinced he is just ignorant.

Regards  —  Cliff

  "Reid/Pelosi Care".
  This does depend upon what you think happened with regard to torture after 9/11.  Some argue that three person were water boarded.  Others say we tortured people to death.  I don't know the answer, and thus want to see the report.
  I don't think the situation has reached the point where the President should leave Mr Brennan in a room with a revolver and a bullet and an admonition to do the right thing, but it is close.  I would settle for Mr Brennan resigning and immediately moving to Southern Indiana.
  As I have said elsewhere, all those students who took a course on the US Constitution from then Professor Barack Obama should have to retake the course or lose their degree.

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