Friday, July 8, 2016

Policing Right

For John, BLUFIt takes a lot of work and then it still might not work.  But, the Black Lives Matter Demonstration itself was a model of well done.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From "The Fix", a part of The Washington Post, and Reporter Philip Bump.

Here is the article's second paragraph, quoting President Obama a couple of nights ago:

"Last year, we put together a task force that was comprised of civil rights activists and community leaders; but also law enforcement officials.  Police captains, sheriffs," he said.  "And they sat around the table, and they looked at the data and looked at best practices."
Here is the money quote:
One of the jurisdictions hailed by Obama's task force was the Dallas Police Department — the same agency that the president would mourn 24 hours later after five officers were killed in a stunning attack in the city's downtown.  That attack came at the tail end of a peaceful march organized to draw attention to police use of force.
This is a vast nation and some folks assume every location is the same.  Every location is not the same.  And a lot of folks are trying to make this nation better.  Like Dallas Chief of Police David Brown.

As a bonus, The InstaPundit reported on a study from two years ago, which shows that Caucasians are just ever so slightly slower to shoot an armed Black man as opposed to a Caucasian or an Hispanic.

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