Friday, July 15, 2016

The New Yorker on Mr Trump

For John, BLUFIt is going to be a long, ugly, Summer.  Nothing to see here; just move along.


Well, not exactly.  From The New Yorker from yesterday, we have Mr Adam Gopnik telling us that Mr Donald Trump would be a terrible, terrible President.  In doing this he tells us that the Weimer Republic really wasn't as bad as we have previously thought.  the rise of Hitler was just a terrible right wing thing that can't be explained.
…did not commit suicide—it was killed, by many murderers, not least by those who thought they could contain an authoritarian thirsting for power.
There you go.  Mr Trump is Mr Hitler.

No real mention of the corruption that seems to follow Ms Clinton.  No discussion of, analysis of, her foreign policy failures, like Libya  No discussion of her paranoia that prevents her from learning the lessons of Watergate.

Regards  —  Cliff

  NOTE TO ALL:  No, this is NOT about Benghazi.

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