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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Grandchild

There is a certain reluctance to post the pictures of children or grandchildren on the World Wide Web, but little babies in their first days, weeks and months pretty much look alike, so I think this is safe.  On the other hand, it took me a while to find the first photos in my EMail.

I do expect that whatever I do, I will receive a lot of criticism, but that I am used to.

Bennett Randall Krieger, born on Wednesday last, coming in, as shown, at 9 pounds, 3.1 ounces.  Everyone is doing well.

And this is the third for my youngest son and his wife.  Since we need an average of 2.1 to avoid our nation and its form of Government disappearing into the dustbin of history by failing to reproduce itself, this third child is a good thing for all of you out there.  Another future believer in Democracy and Adam Smith has emerged to make his way in the world.  And I am pleased as punch.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

As they say in my part of Centralville, Big Ups!

The New Englander said...

Or, as they might say across The Pond -- Congratties, Mate!

C R Krieger said...

Thanks guys.

Regards  —  Cliff

jotrud said...

Absolutely Fabulous!!!

N.D. Burnside said...

Congrats! I hope all are healthy and well and will come home soon.

Dave Southworth
(a Looper)