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Friday, July 2, 2010

Are Federal Employees Smarter Than The Rest of Us?

If you believe the director of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter R. Orszag, yes.  Here is his reasoning.

I will only say that my Father and two Brothers were Federal Civil Servants, serving back in the day when they were paid less than their private sector equivalents.  But then my Father had a High School education and my two Brothers, who benefit from the new pay scales each had Masters Degrees when they began working.

There is that theory out there, pushed by Gerry Nutter, that it takes five folks in the private sector to pay for one civil servant.  On a side note, earlier this week someone told me the concept of "Civil Servant" is out and the replacement is "Public Employee".  Maybe.

Regards  —  Cliff

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ncrossland said...

A rose by any other name...............

Under Barry's regime, only a Fed is truly knowledgeable in the ways of he world.

After a 33 year AF career, and having observed thousands in the "civil service," some were good when they were very, very good, and a lot of them were bad...well....horrid. AND....they were harder to get rid of than a infestation of bed bugs. When my wife was an AF comptroller, she had a civilian who worked in her division. He was hooked on alcohol and was essentially unrepentant. After numerous attempts to help conquer his demons, she finally determined to remove him (he was a singular disruption...and given to making large errors in financial matters). She was the comptroller for an additional 18 months or so before moving on to bigger and better things in her career. The alcoholic was still sleeping most days away at his desk. Between "civilian personnel" and the local AFGE war council, his peace was presereved.