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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whither Belgium

A short while ago Kad Barma pointed to the Belgians as a people who could work together (no, I don't have the link).

But, it is not such a sure thing, as this article points out.

Regards  —  Cliff


ncrossland said...

They do make awfully good beer....Stella Artois being one of them.....

Craig H said...

I never suggested (intentionally) that the Flemish and Walloons preferred to have to share a country with each other--just that they didn't have a tradition of killing each other over it, which is a pretty useful example compared to certain Middle Eastern peoples. The fact that they may come up with a peaceful political solution to breaking their country in two is even more compelling as an example.

C R Krieger said...

I will grant the point to Kad that his point is that they weren't killing each other over their differences.  We will see how this all works out over time.  Maybe, like Quebec (without the killings), it will all settle down, and maybe not.

Regards  —  Cliff