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Monday, July 5, 2010

Embedding Links

I am sitting here at my kitchen table, talking to a friend from Naples, Italy (our time there), and her friend from Texas.  I am showing them how to put up a picture on the blog.  Pretty easy actually.

Regards  —  Cliff

  The picture came from, I believe, Neal Crossland


ncrossland said...

Holloman F-4E's.....beautiful sight. The Fox Four was true heavy metal, and when the pilot honked the nose around and up into a climbing turn in was just pure power on parade.

Sad they are gone. It was a different era.....and they weren't exactly green jets. I learned early in my life...from the back seat of a C model at Mt. Home AFB, that the 4 was easy to spot in ACM because of the smoke trail....never really heavy...but with reasonable could find it. Bad juju if you are "the hunted."

My favorite F-4 tale is that of Chappy James, the 8th TFW/CV in SEA, and the other half of that famous (or infamous if you prefer) team of "Black Man and Robin," the Robin being Colonel Robin Olds, who was the Wing King for the 8th. His brand new and quite young crew chief commented in sincere amazement how such a massive guy like Chappy could get into the cockpit of his F-4. Chappy James is alleged to have shot back to the young 2-striper, "Son, I don't 'get into' the airplane, I put it on!"

C R Krieger said...

So, the two ladies now have their own blogs and I have placed them on the list of blogs I am following, under "MY BLOG LIST--OUTSIDE LOWELL".

These two ladies met while their husbands were battling Alzheimer's Disease.  Turns out they know my classmate who lives down in Texas, the Rev Timothy Eads Kline, who retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and then went on to become an Episcopal Priest.

Regards  —  Cliff