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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drones [Almost] One Third of US Air Fleet

I received an EMail with a link to the Foreign Policy blog of Reporter Tom Ricks, "The Best Defense".  Mr Ricks, in turn, provided a link to the "Danger Room" blog of Wired Magazine, (Spencer Ackerman and Noah Shachtman, authors) here.  The Tom Ricks blog has a photo of all the Army drones.  Ackerman/Shachtman have a photo of larger drones.  Also, showing their tech savy, Spencer Ackerman and Noah Shachtman embedded a Scrib version of the Congressional Research Report upon which they base their assertions.  The author of the CRS Report is Jeremiah Gertler, an employee of the US Congress.  You can download the Scrib version, but my blogging platform won't accept a URL for the link—too long, I think.

At any rate, interesting if you are interested in drones.  The US Military has even been experimenting with a cargo delivery drone for rations and ammunition (the proverbial "beans and bullets").  Funny how the Daily Mail doesn't give us the reporter's name—Slobodan Lekics.

A word of caution.  Yesterday, on "Democracy Now" news reader Amy Goodman talked about drones as though we could use them with no fear of retaliation.  That is absolutely not the case.  Most wars are ended by some degree of agreement, Germany in 1945, Melos and Carthage being exceptions.  If we can't come to an agreement with our enemies, eventually, somewhere, at some time, someone will find a way to get even.  There is no free lunch.  Put another way, neither morally nor physically can we kill or lock-up every bad guy.

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