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Monday, January 23, 2012

Protecting Privacy

Another unanimous SCOTUS decision, discussed at the Althouse blog.  Do you think "trespassorily" is a real word?  My spell-check doesn't.

Does SCOTUS prove DC works?

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Anonymous said...

The decision did little more than legitimize an illegitimate practice. Does anyone honestly believe that requiring a search warrant will in any way reduce the practice.....even by a value of 1??

And how many Americans are going to be tagged thusly? If you have a cell phone....its easier to find you that way.....and they don't need a warrant for that. And OBTW.....with the final beta testing of UAV's in Afghanistan, they are now ready for law enforcement prime time. Look for lots of "model airplanes" coming to a community near you....some as small as a hummingbird.....snooping around and memorializing any behavior that is found to be....well...."questionable." Jay walkers beware.....your daily mailbox may well contain speeding or parking tickets that you didn't realize you'd gotten.....and spitting on the sidewalk...or for smokers....flicking your butt....imagine the revenue flow for each community, county, state....and 'yes"..the nation. HAVE NO PRIVACY. It is an illusion fostered by a Federal government that seeks to not only observe but control every second of your life.