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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stephanopoulos v Griswold

I have liked George Stephanopoulos, what little I have seen of him, but I think he was off the beam with his question to Governor Mitt Romney Saturday night over the right of states to ban contraception.  Didn't Griswold v Connecticut settle this, back in 1965?  If we don't like the findings of Griswold, shouldn't we go for a Constitutional Amendment?  On the other hand, few of those every make it to approval.  Think of how few we have—27.

Here is the take of Law Professor Ann Althouse, over at her blog.

At the Comments for the Althouse post, Freeman Hunt says:
Stephanopoulos should never be a debate moderator again after that stunt.
Runner up comment was the one where someone asked if Mr Stephanopoulos was going to ask Mr Obama the same question.

Regards  —  Cliff

  And that last one took 203 years from proposal to enactment.  It concerns Congressional pay.  Repeal of Prohibition took less than a year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The question and the insistence on continuing the exchange was nothing less than a naked attack meant to showcase a perceived weakness. Stephanopoulos knows full well where Romney stands in the Republican race, and being the good little Democrat hack that he is, he is just trying to do his part.

The Romney response is one of the reasons I think he is a total loser in the Pres. race.....too slick, always smiling and kissing babies.

A good Presidential candidate would have countered that partisan poke with a succinct answer as Althouse suggested as well as a firm rebuke that would have showed Stephanopoulos for what he is, a lame stream media pest.