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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bloggers as Unimportant People, Doing Important Things

Over at Left in Lowell is a thread on ENEL, The Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council (MVEDC) and the Bladder Dam.  In the comments Joe S notes that Mr Bill Taupier called in to City Life and said:
Blogging is the most important thing that unimportant people do.
Brilliant!  Just Brilliant!  As I noted in a comment on the Left in Lowell thread:
Mr Bill Taupier has defined democracy in the digital age.  As Citizens we must communicate amongst ourselves and not just accept what our betters tell us.  Even if we disagree, as is happening on this thread, we are making Democracy live and not just doing as our betters tell us.  And, because this is a Democracy, they aren't really our betters anyway, but just fellow Citizens.

Good on you, Mr Taupier!  And thank you for that insightful comment.
If Governments, Federal, State or Local, move to control that messy thing called the Internet, then we should resist such actions with all our might.  Politically I am a little different from the Left in Lowell writers (this is Right Side of Lowell, after all), but I learn from them and on some issues I join them.  In a time when newspaper numbers and circulation is falling, Citizen Journalism becomes ever more important.  BLOG ON!

Regards  —  Cliff


The New Englander said...

I like the quote there, too. I think 'unimportant person' is kind of a funny term...much like when someone in an organization talks about 'trimming the fat' I'm sure someone who uses the phrase is never too close to a mirror.

Blogging is a great hobby, and it's a wonderful way to document things, given the long memory that the Internet has. The Taunton River Valley Historical Needlepoint Society meetings may be uninteresting to most, but if you're the person that blogs about them, you have created THE historical record of said meetings. Even the important people who call into City Life can't take that away ;-)

Bloggers should indeed blog on -- damn the torpedoes!

Jack Mitchell said...

As a blogger, I don't figure my blogging makes me important.

From what I can see, you have to be the Editor in Chief of the Blog of Record before agonizing hubris sets in.

Blog On!
(The corrupted picture was of Mandela with a raised fist)