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Monday, April 9, 2012

Candidate Warren and SCOTUS

The [Lowell] Sun had an article on Ms Elizabeth Warren condemning the US Supreme Court for getting into policy issues.  I wonder what she thought of the Warren Court?

Apparently Law Professor Warren has trouble with the letter from Attorney General Eric H Holder, Jr, which said that it was within the authority of the US Supreme Court to rule on the Affordable Care Act.  (My blog post is here.  In a nutshell, I am with the Attorney General on this one.)

I was glad to see that the other Democrat running in the Primary, immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco, was also mentioned in the article.  Ms DeFranco is an impressive candidate in her own right and well worth consideration by the Democrats who will be voting in the State Primaries later in the year.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Remember, articles in The Sun go away after a while, to a different place.  I will not be updating their links unless I am bedridden and have read every book in the house.  And, besides, the Editor tells me the links cost money after a few weeks.  It is the new business model.


Renee said...

She doesn't say what she says, because she actually believes it. She says it, because it brings her donor based to donate more.

Jack Mitchell said...

Renee is close to the mark. They are collecting $$ from liberals, nationally.

The gamble is that liberal Dems will turnout in greater numbers, so Warren will deploy a GOTV campaign.

As opposed to seeking to convince "persuadables" on the ground, they will opt to saturate the air with ads.

This, of course, aggravates moderate Dems that hope to keep a handle on their home turf. Lowell is chock full of "Brown Democrats."