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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Normal

From Warwick, Rhode Island, a question about acceptable art.

Hat tip to Hot Air.

Regards  —  Cliff


Renee said...

The artist got it all wrong! It should of ended up with him staring at a computer in a cubicle/ or him in a dark study with just the glow of a computer screen looking at adult material.

Anonymous said...

Oh spare us from yet another attack from the morally, ethically, and philosophically "enlightened." Why does every human endeavor REQUIRE some "equalitarian" essence? The next post will strongly suggest that not only was the wearing of wedding bands inappropriate, but one of the "adults" must be transgender, the other either lesbian or gay, the kid of some demonstrable mixed racial identity, and the computer clearly labeled as a gift from UNESCO or George Soros.....and clearly missing from the artwork is the image of Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the computer screen pontificating about the irrelevance of the Republican party.

I am more than certain that I have overlooked some other post modern "requirement" for art to be "acceptable" in our over-wrought society.

BTW....JUST to get everyone in an uproar....there is NOTHING in the Constitution that specifically grants a foundational right to privacy and thus freedom of speech. Almost all of it is conditioned on what the state will permit...if not in basic Constitutional law, in Constitutional precedent, e.g., stare decisis. That was the core essence of the Roe v Wade hoohah...and the reason that the majority decision is decried to this day. Scalia still goes marginally berserk when he speaks of it.

Anonymous said...

I will further add that my previous post is not an indictment of Renee's rather darkly cynical post about what men can look forward to and what they might do with time. If her summation of the "mature" years for the adult American male is a valid and accurate one, we are in bigger trouble as a society than the pundits or Big Brother want us to believe.

Renee said...

Dark, but real.

From the New Yorker

The Disconnect
Why are so many Americans living by themselves

Check out the photo: The student should of painted that!