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Friday, April 13, 2012


Your mission, save the President's Daughter.

Communication is a beautiful thing when it is fast and simple.  In the afternoon I sent an EMail to my oldest son, John.  The subject was Lockout, with a question mark.  Nothing in the body of the EMail.  He wrote:
No, panned in the reviews, not sure,...
No messing around.

Son John is correct.  The almost always up-to-date Wikipedia says:
As of April 13, 2012, Lockout has received generally mixed and negative reviews.
On the other hand, Fifty Shades of Gray has been panned by the literature sevants, but is Number 1 on last week's New York Times Book Review list.  The book started out digital and then slowly went into print, but along the way it went viral.  Blogger and Law Professor Ann Althouse blogged about it in early March (on my wife's birthday).  Tuesday a week ago the Barnes and Noble in Burlington received a case (a case) of the book in the AM and they were sold out in two hours.

I liked Maggie Grace, who played Emilie Warnock, the President's Daughter.  I also liked Guy Pearce as Marion Snow, a maligned and abused Government agent who goes on board the space station to rescue the President's Daughter.  I also liked that the bad guys were not as bad as the real bad guys.  It is spy vs spy so there has to be layers, doesn't there?

Did I mention that this was a French Sci-Fi movie?  Several of the prisoners having a British accent was a little confusing, but still it hung together for me.  My thanks to the French.

At the 4:50 show there were ten patrons.  Five teenage boys behind me, three teenage girls in front of me and a middle aged man down in front.  We will see if Lockout goes viral, or if the critics were correct.

Regards  —  Cliff

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