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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Contest in 17th Middlesex

Assuming that Mr Martin Burke gets his required signatures, he will be the most likely Republican candidate for the 17th Middlesex State Representative's seat, running against the incumbent, David Nangle.  The [Lowell] Sun, in a Thursday article by Reporter Chris Camire, talks about this on page 3.  From the article:
Burke, who owns an appraisal business on Merrimack Street, said he decided to get into the race in part to protect government programs that help people and do away with those that waste taxpayer dollars.

"I see it as an issue when they're talking about cutting Meals on Wheels but are going to expand free cellphone programs," said Burke, who lives on Andover Street.  "They're taking things away from the needy because other programs are being exploited."

Burke is running in the 17th Middlesex District, which consists of part of Lowell and Chelmsford.  The district has been represented by Nangle, a Lowell Democrat, since 1999.
Yes, Mr Nangle has been in a long time.  Surprisingly, in the first primary, in 1998, he beat out folks who are now heavyweights, including Bill Marin and Rita Mercier.  From The Sun Blog:
HERE'S THE order of finish in the 1998 Democratic primary that Nangle won. Many forget how close it was: Nangle, 1,268 votes; Martin, 1,048; Geary, 978; Rita Mercier, 817; Karin Theodoros, 766; Scott Consaul, 291.
In the General Election Mr Nangle beat Republican Karen Simao, a recent graduate of American University, in DC.  Another time he was opposed by both a Republican and a Libertarian and then by a Republican alone, but he managed to poll well in each case.  Part of it is that he is a very likable person.

I am wish Mr Martin Burke the very best.

Regards  —  Cliff

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