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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to Events in Egypt

Over at Wired Magazine and its "Danger Room" is an editorial on President Obama's "Net Freedom Agenda".

When my friend Charlie sent the link to me via EMail I thought from the title it was some sort of net assessment of freedom in different parts of the world.  I was wrong.  It is about freedom on the Internet.

As we know, Egyptian Authorities shut down the Internet in Egypt and included things like Twitter and Facebook.

The piece in Wired Magazine, by Spencer Ackerman, is titled "Does Obama’s ‘Net Freedom Agenda’ Hurt The U.S.?".  Does it hit the mark?  Perhaps it does.

A question in my mind is what can we do to restore the Internet in a area where it has been hit with a "kill switch"?  The supplemental question is what is our own FCC up to in regard to this "kill switch" idea?

Regards  —  Cliff


Anonymous said...

The unofficial "word" is that Obama is pressing his FCC Chairman to institute the kill switch via the regulatory route rather than via Congress. He's overstepped his Constitutional bounds all along, and this wouldn't be much of a bigger breach. It also provides him with a rapid and convenient way of muzzling the American people if and when he decides it is in his favor to do so.

I believe that this is perhaps the first President in American history who would invoke complete nationalization to include radical social controls once he thinks he has the means to do so.

The debate would/will be whether he could successfully pull it off.

JoeS said...

Oh that "word" on the street, how it can so misconstrue the facts.

Craig H said...

All I know is that the righties rightfully recognizing the presumptive excesses of the present administration could have more effectively had their way had they first called BS on the actions of the previous.

The precedents established by 43 are coming home to roost with 44, and partisans of BOTH stripes are responsible for this broad abrogation of Constitutionality in executive orders and other nonsense.

My grandmother had a saying about sauce for the goose being good for the gander. Sure fits here.