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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Military Esprit de Corps

Over in another forum there is an ongoing discussion of Army Posts playing the traditional bugle calls over the loud speaker.  This grew up out of a Washington Post article on happenings at Fort Belvoir.

The issue generated comments on tradition and esprit de corps, and differences between the Army and the US Marine Corps in this regard.  Experiences were exchanged, including this comment by a retired Army Colonel about his unit, the 1st Battalion, 504 Infantry Regiment:
If you don't mind, I've re-posted this to the greater Loop—it says volumes about tradition and continuity.  We used to bring the old WWII guys back to 1-504 once a year (before the war started).  I remember one of the Old Originals asking a young trooper "What's your job, son?"  The kid replied that he was a rifleman in the second platoon of Charlie Company.  The old guy said "No kidding?  So was I!"  The young soldier almost broke down. It's worth a bugle call now and then.
One person, who had been to see the play Black Watch, about the fabled Scottish Regiment, being performed by the National Theatre of Scotland at the Washington Shakespeare Theater's Harman Center, provided this great line:
I fought for my regiment, my company, my platoon, my section, and my mates.
Traditions and a sense of continuity are important for military units, especially those which will face hardships.  Being in the military is just like any other job, except when it isn't.

Regards  —  Cliff

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