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Monday, January 31, 2011

Move Lowell Forward Open Meeting

The local Political Action Committee, Move Lowell Forward, is hosting an Open Meeting on Thursday, 17 February, at 7:00 PM (1900 Hours).  Open House=everyone is invited.

Our theme might be "Enough Drama, Time to Get Down to Business".

It is a "Planning and Development Forum" and our guest speaker is Mr Adam Baacke, Assistant City Manager, Planning and Development.

Mr Baacke will talk about the many development projects in our City, from the Hamilton Canal District to the plans for Tanner Street and downtown.  We hope to learn more about the Master Plan, Sustainability Initiatives and Development Services.

For those of us who plan on being Lowellians for many more years, the economic progress of our Fair City is very important to us.

Please join us at the Market Mill/Lowell Art and Design Center, 256 Market Street (across from the Brush Gallery).  Parking is available at the National Historic Visitors lot off Dutton Street or via street parking on Market Street (or the parkhaus east of the venue).

A short note about "Move Lowell Forward".  We are a politically diverse group and our charter is such that we do not engage in partisan political activities or political activities above the local non-partisan level.  Because of our politically diversity we work on a strong consensus basis.  Our goal is to encourage all of our citizens to participate in our City's political life with the goal of making our city better.

And, we are looking for fellow Lowellians to join us in our efforts.

Oh, and at our Thursday, 17 February meeting at 7:00 PM, to which you are invited, we will serve light refreshments.

Regards  —  Cliff

PS:  For those who have heard that Move Lowell Forward sent a paper to City Councilor and Vice Mayor Kevin P. Broderick with a request that he present to the City Council for discussion (sort of like you calling Rita Mercier about the need for a street sign or a pot hole filled), you can find it on my "sandbox" webpage, at a link at the bottom.


Jack Mitchell said...

How did this get on the agenda?

10. C. Caulfield-Req. Council Package be made available for Public/Media

Pesky concerned citizens. Will they never quit? ;v)

The New Englander said...

Can't wait to read about this meeting on your blog, LiL, or both. One of my pipe dreams is to start a regional Venture Capital firm that works with entrepreneuers to seed great ideas. This is the kind of stuff I want to keep up with as the idea (hopefully) goes from concept-in-mind to something tangible.

Oh, and if you stumble on about $10 million or so in the next year, keep me on speed-dial!

Lynne said...

"10. C. Caulfield-Req. Council Package be made available for Public/Media"

Isn't the packet already posted on the website? Like, here?

Uh, OK, guy. I think the media can download it like anyone else...

Paul@01852 said...

NewEnglander-- dont wait! Come to our meeting and discuss your ideas with Mr Baacke and the members of MLF and other concerned citizens!