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Friday, January 21, 2011

NPR vs Gun Owners

From the Instapundit I got a link to this blog post—"How NPR Shuts Out Our Voice".

This is about NPR's "On Point" program trolling via EMail, with this Subject:  "NPR show On Point needing progressive gun guest".  This was from a Mr Matthew Baskin to various gun blogs.
My name is Matthew Baskin and I work for the NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook. I’m writing to ask if you’d be able to speak as a guest on Monday, January 17. We’re looking for a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter who is not opposed to the forthcoming McCarthy bill re: limiting magazine capacity. I’d be very grateful if you could put me in touch with any gun owner who is not opposed to regulation. Let me know if anyone comes to mind. Thanks very much.
Do you think there was another EMail looking for folks who ARE opposed to the forthcoming McCarthy bill?  It should be noted, and not in condemnation, that Representative McCarthy has a personal involvement in this issue, in that her husband was shot and killed during a shooting on a Long Island commuter train in 1993.  It became her mission to fight what she sees as an "epidemic of senseless gun tragedies in America."

I think that limiting gun magazines seems to be an encroachment on gun rights.  But that is not my real issue.  I am concerned that "On Point" is abusing the NPR brand by pushing an agenda rather than providing a fair and balanced review of the issue.  You, on the other hand, may think that there is no other, legitimate, side.

Regards  —  Cliff

  The bill, the The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices Act would limit magazines to ten bullets.  In the linked article it says the bill "would put into place commonsense restrictions on large capacity ammunition magazines".  Whatever "common sense" restrictions are.

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