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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Knew?

The opening line of someone else's blog post is
I was discussing with a Harvard colleague and fellow Tea Partier the other day...
I must confess my lack of charity in the past toward all things Harvard has been rash and unseemly.

The Blogger, Mike Stopa, is a Physicist specializing in computation and nanoscience in the Physics Department at Harvard University.  All you nanoscience folks who read this blog will recognize him, I am sure.  On his blog home page he describes himself as "a life-long, fiscally conservative Republican".  And, he recently ran for the Republican nomination to contest the seat held by Democrat Jim McGovern.

But, this introduction is to lead us to this blog post handicapping possible Democrats who might run against Senator Scott Brown in 2012.

And, notwithstanding a Boston Globe article saying Ms Victoria Reggie Kennedy won't run, I would not rule that out, a year from now.  For sure, 2012 is a long ways from now, at least in political terms.

And, besides, this is an intro to a following post on a OpEd in today's Boston Globe by the same Mike Stopa.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Renee said...

I could see Gov. Patrick winning over Sen. Scott Brown in 2012. They got out the votes in 2010 for all of the Dems (even Suzanne Bump won.), and the voter base will be coming out to support President Obama also.

Also Lt. Gov Tim Murray has a very positive public appeal to step in for Patrick if he wins. Actually Lt Gov. Murray really rocks! If Patrick loses, it's not like he's going to lose his seat.

How common is it for Governors to stay three terms?