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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Europe and the Second Amendment

Here the BBC talks about those gun nuts in the US.

From the PJ Media Tatler we have this blog lede:
The Europeans have a mythology about the United States, and one of their favorite myths is that Americans are “gun crazy”: our bizarre obsession with firearms can only be guessed at by bewildered academics.
He goes on to mention that the Second Amendment is mentioned nowhere, although at the end of the BBC piece there is this:
The NRA has a large, extremely well-funded political lobbying operation – deeply supported by weapons manufacturers – that will not brook any infringement on the constitutional right to bear arms.
As noted, they could have skipped everything, including the NRA, and said "Second Amendment".

Maybe Europeans just don't understand constitutions.  The Brits have one, but it isn't written, so it boils down to saying Parliament is supreme and the Prime Minister runs Parliament.  The French are on their Fifth Republic, which doesn't count the odd empire and Vichy Government.  Germany, founded in 1871, has had several forms of government since.

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

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